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Medium budget log store, 4 foot long

Medium budget log store, 4 foot long


This is a medium size (4 foot long) logstore, with external dimensions of 122cm long by 69cm by 130cm (at its highest). It is constructed with 6 inch by 1 inch planks, and internal timber of 2 inch by 2 inch. The roof is constructed from high quality featheredge. All timber is pressure treated.

These budget log stores are constructed so that they are much simpler to make, hence the reduced price. They match the style found in nationwide chain stores but with, I would argue, much better quality timber. Remember too that we deliver and construct these log stores ourselves - there are no flatpacks, no pallets to dispose of and no work involved for you.

Note that other vendors often describe log stores like these as 4 foot by 3 foot. They are 4 foot long but they are not 3 foot wide, as can be seen from the flooring which has four 6" by 1" planks, just like ours.

This log store can be supplied with a felt roof and/or shelf or with doors for added protection from the elements. The roof can also be reversed so that it slopes downwards from the front. Please contact us if you would like a quote for these additions.

We refund £10 if you send us a photo of your log store in your garden.




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